Hospitality Lighting

Lighting from Roberts Step-Lite offers a range of versatile lighting solutions designed specifically for the hospitality industry. With a focus on creating inviting and comfortable environments, their lighting fixtures cater to hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other establishments. From lobby areas to guest rooms, and dining spaces to outdoor patios, Roberts Step-Lite provides lighting options that balance functionality and aesthetics. Their fixtures enhance the ambiance, highlight architectural features, and create visually captivating spaces for guests. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Roberts Step-Lite’s lighting solutions contribute to creating memorable experiences, ensuring that every guest feels welcomed and immersed in a pleasant atmosphere.


Hospitality Lighting Gallery


Lighting in the hospitality industry is crucial for creating a welcoming ambiance, enhancing aesthetics, setting the desired mood, ensuring safety, and providing functionality for guests and staff.

When designing lighting for a hotel lobby, factors to consider include the desired ambiance, focal points, architectural features, task lighting requirements, energy efficiency, and the brand identity of the hotel.
Lighting design in a restaurant can enhance the guest experience by creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, highlighting food presentation, providing comfortable task lighting at tables, and creating different moods for various dining occasions.
Lighting design can contribute to establishing a unique brand identity by using different lighting styles, color schemes, and fixtures that reflect the personality and desired image of the establishment, whether it’s a contemporary, luxurious, or boutique concept.